ARN will continue to use Ecotest for future decisions

ARN Holding, the Holding company for Auto Recycling Nederland, will continue to use Ecotest in its strategic and operational decision-making processes. Arie de Jong, CEO of ARN Holding, is enthusiastic about the possibilities the tool offers for linking ecological and economic indicators to issues concerning the conservation of raw materials. Ecotest was conducted at ARN in 2010-2011 to oversee the entire operational chain. The tool has also been used to determine the optimum recycling of raw materials in ARN’s post-shredder factory in Tiel. This factory is specially equipped for the processing and recycling of valuable materials that are left behind in shredder residues. Major ecological and economic advantages can be achieved by optimising the use of recycled fibre material in new products. Ecotest presents the various options in the form of a dashboard, making it possible to compare them.

Read more on the practical page of ARN Auto Recycling.

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