The idea of developing Ecotest emerged from a CO2 study conducted by FFact and ARN Advisory for the recycling chain for end-of-life vehicles. This study was performed to generate insight into the chain and to help us become an even better discussion partner for governments and interested parties.

The results indicated that optimisation according to CO2 savings alone is not sufficient. In addition to avoiding emissions, ARN is confronted with recycling targets imposed by legislation and cost limitations imposed by manufacturers and stakeholders. The question then emerges how an organisation can ‘keep all of the balls in the air’. The answer was finally found in Ecotest.

It soon became clear that other parties were interested in this tool. FFact Management Consultants and ARN Advisory apply Ecotest to their own clients.

Experience in recent years has shown that production and service organisations increasingly being confronted with sustainability. Despite the many existing CO2 tools, hierarchies and quality labels, few methods are truly capable of quantifying and weighing the impact of the chain. The question then emerges how a company improve its environmental impact and deliver high-level performance within its product chain (from the extraction of raw materials to production, use and discarding). The answer is to use Ecotest.

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